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New Years Eve Party (mrr)

Thumbnail New Years Eve Party (MRR)

Just imagine having the information you need to help guide you in the right direction for planning and preparing for your New Years Eve party, right...

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25 Plr Articles: Scrabble

Thumbnail 25 PLR Articles: Scrabble

A Brief Overview of Scrabble playing Associations Scrabble was invented by unemployed architect Alfred Butts in 1938. Little did he know at the time just how...

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25 Plr Articles: Sports Memorabilia

Thumbnail 25 PLR Articles: Sports Memorabilia

Appraisals for Sports Memorabilia When you invest in sports memorabilia, you often don't realize how much the value can climb by the time you choose to sell....

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25 Plr Articles: Tennis

Thumbnail 25 PLR Articles: Tennis

Basics of Tennis Explained Tennis if you have ever stopped to consider what it is can be called a fairly basic sport. Because of this virtually...

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