101 Power Tips for Preventing Headaches: kiss your headaches (MRR)

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You Do Not Have To Suffer From Your All Consuming Headache Pain Anymore!

Get well armed with power knowledge that helped thousands upon thousands to continue live normal lives, without pain, without fear and without taking pain-killers.

Learn to cool your head correctly - the wrong way can cause you more pain! (Page 42)
Learn the best way to relax your eyes. Hint: Your eyes should not be closed. (Page 13)
Learn the proper way to massage your eyes and relieve tension. (Page 12)
Learn three techniques that can help you relax and ease your tension. (Page 20)
Learn the 2 different types of migraine headaches and how they can effect you. (Page 4)
Understand the importance of sleep on your headache pain. (Page 20)
Understand what massages and touch therapy can do for your headache pain. (Page 21 and 22)
Learn the 13 steps to a powerful exercise that will help relieve tension in your neck and head. (Pages 54-56)
Understand how organic foods can help you steer clear of unwanted pesticides and hormones. (Page 60)
Learn 2 effective ways for clearing your sinuses and relieving your pain. (Page 26)
Understand the affect that cigarettes and coffee may be having on your headache pain. (Pages 27-29)
Learn 5 different factors that need adjusting while reading to avoid headaches. (Page 6)
Understand the relationship between water and your headache pain. (Pages 29 and 30)
Understand that unknown allergies may be causing you headache pain. (Page 17)
Girls - understand that the way you do your hair may be causing you unnecessary headache pain. (Page 19)
Learn a great way to exercise your eyes and relieve tension. (Page 31)
Learn an effective way to rinse your sinus pain away. (Page 43)
Understand that some headache pain is actually heredity and how to cope with it. (Page 4)
Realize the effects of jetlag on your headaches. (Page 48)
Discover another great tension reliever for your eyes that will leave you feeling very refreshed. (Page 30)
Discover tension headaches - any why they are so common yet preventable. (Page 5)
Learn to use Accupressure to treat and rid yourself of sinus pain. My 17 step plan will show you how. (Pages 48-50)
Learn 4 of the most common triggers for migraine headaches and how to avoid them. (Page 4)
Understand the effects of exercise and how you can use it to stop your headache pain. (Pages 50-54)
Discover that the position you read in may be causing you headache pain. (Page 6)
Realize that too much sleep may be the cause of your headaches. (Page 21)
Understand why pills may not be helping you at all -and when you should stay away from them. (Page 21)
Discover that much of your headache pain may be due to your failing eyesight and what you should do about it. (Page 7)
Understand sinus pain, its causes, and the headaches it can cause. (Page 5)
Learn how to use your time in the shower to relax tension with a simple exercise. (Page 57)
And theres MUCH more - guaranteed!

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